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LTL Carrier Data Points that Make All the Difference

LTL Carrier Data PointsEach year, shippers in North America alone spend more than $20 billion annually on less than truckload shipments. Whether it’s shipping a single pallet to one customer, or multiple stops with lighter loads, LTL is a convenient way to move products when you don’t have the volume to justify a complete truckload. While there are several good LTL carriers on the market, there are some who operate with less-than-stellar service records. This opens the often-asked question, how can a shipper find the right LTL carrier. The answer is simple – reviewing data points that matter.

Data points are used in multiple industries to make strategic decisions on a daily basis. Although relying on data alone to make decisions is not always the best course of action, there are a few important data points that any shipper can review that will streamline their search for the right LTL carriers.

Noted below are a few common LTL carrier data points that can help you determine which carrier is best suited to move freight to your valued customers.

The data points listed above are not the end-all-to-be-all determining criteria for picking the perfect LTL carrier. In fact, a smart shipper understands the value of “inside baseball” data points – gathered by insiders within the supply chain who have collected years of data. One such resource is a third-party logistics company. 3PL’s have strong relationships with LTL carriers, but they also know the tricks of the trade, allowing them to help you find the best shipper for your individual applications.