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Contract Negotiation

LTL Contract Negotiation

LTL pricing agreements are consistently becoming more complex.Without a thorough knowledge of LTL contracts, customers are leaving savings on the table. We leverage volume and carrier relationships to provide the best savings opportunity possible. Quite simply, one customer is not going to be able to gain better pricing than all of our customers combined.

Our Process

Collect Data

1. Collect Data

Often times data can come from various systems or vendors. LTX does all the leg work to consolidate your data in preparation for bidding.

Bid to Carrier Network

2. Bid to Carrier Network

We contact all of our national carrier representatives and prep them on all bid requirements and any information they may need to bid competitively based on your shipping trends.

Leverage Portfolio

3. Leverage Portfolio

The carriers consider our entire network of freight when providing pricing programs which maximizes savings to the individual customer.

Produce Savings Report

4. Produce Savings Program

We then take discounts, minimums, and accessorials into account and use the new bid numbers to run pricing on your past freight data, giving us the ability to compare savings one to one.

Begin Shipping

5. Begin Shipping

We do everything. Not only will we be saving you money, but we become an extension of yours supply chain taking on admin work, customer service, freight accounting, and more.

Here at LTX, we continuously save our customers an average of 8-15% through freight negotiations.