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Freight Pay and Audit

Freight Pay & Audit

1 out of every 4 freight bills has incorrect charges included within it. Our auditing software tracks variances between contract pricing and billed amounts to approve all invoices that match contracted pricing. We utilize an 8 point audit on all variances to ensure our customers are not being over-billed on any shipment. Some of our auditing services include:

• Freight Payment to Carriers
• Customized and Consolidated Invoicing Weekly
• AP & AR Reconciliation
• Carrier Payment Management
• Fund Transfers
• Front side Audit prior to invoicing
• Ongoing Audit for each pro number
• Cash Reconciliation
• AR Posting and Weekly Reporting
• Monthly Accrual Reports

Freight Pay and Audit

LTX ArrowFront Line 2 Point Audit

LTX links via API to carriers, verifying class and weight against the data entered into our freight management system. If needed, changes are made and confirmed with weight and inspection certificates.

CoLTX Arrownsolidated Invoicing

LTX then rolls up all shipments from the week prior into one consolidated invoice. These invoiced shipments are uploaded into our payable system, giving the customer access to all information.

LTX ArrowContinuous Auditing

After the invoice is sent, LTX continues to audit all open pro numbers on a
weekly basis until the invoice is closed and paid in full.