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LTL Freight Management

LTL Freight Management

Less than truckload, or LTL, shipping can be a long and complex process for businesses. Between selecting a carrier and tracking transit times, it’s often difficult to keep up with the many moving parts involved. As a top LTL Freight Provider, LTX is dedicated to providing personalized transportation management and customer service solutions.

Whether you are shipping a single pallet or enough to fill half of a truck, LTX will help streamline your transportation management processes. We’ll improve your company’s logistic efficiency by managing every aspect of your supply chain, from contract negotiation and shipment tracking to claims management and recovery. By consolidating all of your logistic information into one place, we save you valuable time and allow you to focus more energy on your business.

After conducting extensive research on your business’s specific shipping needs, we work closely with you to create a customized and proactive supply chain solution. LTX serves as a single point of contact, while connecting you with a vast network of our highly qualified carriers. From the time your shipment leaves the dock to safe arrival at your customers’ doors, you can trust that it is in the best of hands.

Modernized Transportation Management Processes

Our LTL Freight Management Software increases the visibility of your shipments. Its interactive tracking system provides you with accurate, real-time updates so that you know where your freight is at all times. In addition to helping your team track internally, we can also grant your customers access to shipment information. By adding ease to communication, you save time and drastically improve customer satisfaction.

We provide faster access to accurate logistic information with our supply chain management technology, facilitating quicker decision making. First, our team will analyze your data, then provide consulting services to help you make important business decisions. After identifying areas of inefficiency, we customize solutions to maximize your output and reduce your overhead costs.

Our advanced software features integrated electronic data interchange, allowing you to exchange data and transactions with other businesses much more quickly. These exchanges, which previously took weeks to deliver, are automated to give you the opportunity to receive invoices or payments in minutes. Using our simplified data entry tools, auditing and payment systems, we reduce the risk of human error and offer insight to increase bottom line savings.

LTX makes your life easier by strengthening transportation management processes, giving you the freedom to focus on your core business initiatives instead of complex LTL shipping procedures. Our personalized solutions provide accurate, real-time data that empowers quick decision making.