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You Can Count On Us To Hold The Carriers Accountable.

Picking the right carriers, negotiating contracts, and managing your LTL freight processes, in general, can be complex and overwhelming. Then on top of all that, you have various invoices from numerous carriers piling up on your desk and you realize transportation accounting is a monster all on its own. At LTX, we have a team of experts that take care of it all.


1 out of every 4 freight bills has incorrect charges within it. Our auditing team conducts a thorough process including a pre-audit and post-audit, making sure that you never pay a penny more than you should.

Our pre-audit tracks variances between contract pricing and billed amounts, as well as weight or reclass changes, and accessorial fees. We require certificates from the carrier before approving any weight or reclass charges. Once this is complete, we send you your invoice and make the payment to the carrier. We finish it up with a full post-audit when the PRO is closed to ensure there were no additional ad-bills made.

Consolidated Invoicing

Think of the dozens or hundreds of freight bills that your company pays every week. Think of the time you could save if you got one consolidated invoice instead. When you partner with LTX this is your new reality. Every week you will receive one invoice formatted any way you like it.

Carrier Payment Solution

We round out our transportation accounting services by taking care of all the carrier payments. We handle all of the carrier invoices and pay them for you on-time, every-time. We are committed to on-time carrier payments as it not only ensures we keep a strong standing relationship with our carriers but that you continue to receive superior service. Carriers come to us with any payment status information or questions regarding the status of an invoice, so you can focus on more important things.

Freight Pay and Audit